Wednesday, December 3, 2008

100 things you never wanted to know about me......

1. I am so in love with my husband, and don't know how I got so lucky!
2. I love my family and don't know where I'd be without them.
3. My parents are my best friends and I respect them more than they know!
4. I have been involved in two accidents (not my fault) in less than 6 months.
5. I sleep with my air conditioning on 68 every night, and the fan must be on high!
6. My sister is my opposite and I may not always understand her choices, but I do love her and don't know what I'd do without her!
7. I am not a trusting person at all.
8. I am in awe of My God!
9. I feel my life calling is to be a mother.
10. I always had a strange fear I would never get pregnant.
11. I am 22 weeks pregnant.
12. I would love to go back to school to become a nurse.
13. I love seafood.
14. I met my husband on the internet, and went on a blind date with him!
15. I have a serious shopping problem!
16. I love to get dressed up.
17. I am terrified of how much weight I'm going to gain while I'm pregnant.
18. I love to drink wine.
19. I used to love to go out, but now I would choose a night in.
20. I am always early, for everything.
21. I love my puppy.
22. I have extreme anxiety problems, and have no idea who I get it from.
23. My dad is a police officer.
24. My mom is a school teacher.
25. I can't wait to see my cousin Courtney again, one day.
26. I miss old friends sometimes.
27. I really love my close girlfriends...they are amazing women!
28. I never leave home without my cell phone.
29. I love my job!
30. I can not believe how much daycare costs!
31. I am in love with Palmer Bain McCormick!
32. I do not like needy people.
33. I do not understand how people can leave home without deodarant.
34. I wish I could be a stay at home mom after Palmer is born.
35. I can't imagine not living near the beach.
36. I cry all the time.
37. I like to be in control and am very stubborn.
38. I have a really hard time asking for help.
39. I do not like that my hair is getting darker as I get older.
40. I wish I was a skinny person.
41. I love Italian food!
42. I loved our neighborhood growing up.
43. I have no patience.
44. I work at a bank, and agree with Brandy. The avg person is not very smart when it comes to their money. Do NOT blame the bank when your account is in the negative.
45. I am terrified of giving birth!
46. I want my epidural as soon I as I arrive at the hospital.
47. I am making my parents, grandparents! How fun :)
48. I love getting flowers!
49. It took my 6 years to graduate college.
50. I got two degrees and a minor.
51. I use to go out 5 nights a week, before I met my husband.
52. I think people that are overly sure about themselves are trying to make up for something they lack.
53. I hope my child turns out more like his daddy.
54. I love family get together's.
55. I hope I'm a good mother to Palmer, like my mom was to me!
56. I wish I would have studied harder and appreciated school more.
57. I always try to put myself in the other person's shoes.
58. I found Palmer's name online, and fell in love with it!
59. Palmer's middle name, is my dad's middle name.
60. I'm only on #60, and wonder if there are anymore interesting things about me ;)
61. I love going to get my hair done, even if it doesn't always turn out like I'd hoped!
62. I love buying new shoes and purses.
63. I don't sleep much.
64. I love our house, but am ready to be finished re-doing it.
65. I love coming from a big extended family.
66. I am very critical of people, and I can't stand it.
67. I am a very very nosey person!!!
68. I love details.
69. I believe 100% in the union of marriage.
70. I can't imagine living far away from my parents.
71. I have days when all I want to do it sit around and do nothing at all.
72. I love to travel.
73. I wanted another puppy before I got pregnant, and Mac kept telling me no. It's like he secretly knew, I was pregnant before I did :)
74. I think muscular women are gross.
75. I hope to have a daughter some day.
76. I wish I knew how to sew (like my friend Cydney, she's awesome)
77. I would love to travel to London to see Jennifer and Colin.
78. I love to read true stories.
79. I love to read other people's blogs...even if I don't know them!
80. I wish my great-grandmother was still alive, she was such a strong Christian woman!
81. My parents have been married for 32.5 years! WOW!
82. I am very proud of my education! I'm soo glad I stuck with it!
83. My hair is bored straight, and I think this is boring :)
84. I have a really bad habit of dropping my cell phone. I drop it at least once a day!
85. I love food. When it's breakfast, I'm already thinking about lunch. I have been this way as long as I can remember, long before I was prego!
86. I love my bed.
87. I am an 80's child!
88. I am not scared of confrontation.
89. I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe in.
90. I am extremely hard on myself.
91. I am not a good cook, but anything I attempt to make, Mac always eats it, and says it's good :)
92. I'm so lucky to have one of my Best Friends, I would have never met her if it weren't for our husbands.....we are more alike than we care to admit sometimes ;)
93. I love buying furniture.
94. I love antique jewelry. I really love the stories that go with the jewelry.
95. I wish I had a hobby.
96. I love Target!
97. I love getting my toes done!
98. I love to wear blue jeans.
99. I totally believe in plastic surgery!
100. It has taken me about 6 hours to fill this out. It was REALLY hard to come up with 100 things about ME!


brandyhipshsmith said...

Haha! I didn't know you started a blog! I just thought you had a google acct! That's great!

Ok, so....I am not sure I told you but I love the name Palmer! Totally original! Love all your 100 things!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! I think this just made my morning!

brandyhipshsmith said...

She is learning it from me!!!!!! If you look close at the picture, we have another laptop(that is broken) we gave to her to play with b/c she loves the computer so much!

Laura Ann said...

Good Morning ~ Thank you so much for the advice. Do you have any pictures you could email me at I would love to see Palmers walls. Oh and by the way...I love the name.

How long did it take your husband to do the walls? I think mine is just really concerned about it bleeding under the tape.

Thank you so much for the suggestions.

crash said...

this is awesome. i learned so much about you. i've always loved you very much; and now i'm reminded how much we are alike. We really should do lunch sometime :)

crash said...

btw, the above is ashlee mosley :) you know, crash :)